Counseling & Consulting Experience

Counseling, Consulting, and Teaching Experience



I have worked as a therapist, clinical supervisor, and program director for several community mental health centers in southern Colorado. I also have experience as an Employee Assistance counselor and management consultant for local and national Employee Assistance Programs.


  • I have specialized education and/or training in: Assessment & Diagnosis of Mental Illness and addiction, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT),  Outcome Based Therapy, Existential Therapy, Mindfulness-Based CBT, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR), Motivational Interviewing, and Brief Solution-Focused Therapy

  • My experience includes treating issues related to: Depression, anxiety, panic, bipolar disorder, trauma/PTSD, addiction/ substance abuse, co-dependence, self-esteem, anger, domestic violence, grief/loss, career issues, adolescent issues, couples/marital counseling, conflict resolution,and the relationship between physical health and mental health.



I have experience in business and management consulting and training.  This includes work with management and emplyees in the areas of:

  • Employee Performance/Performance Improvement

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Team Performance

  • Workplace Communication

  • Culture Change

  • Violence Risk Assessment

  • Substance Use Assessments

  • Work-life balance

  • Stress and Resilience


I have instructed college classes in the areas of General Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Career Counseling, Abnormal Psychology, and Forensic Psychology.


I provide professional freelance writing services, through Upwork -Freelance Writing, or you may contact me through this site.

My specialty is behavioral healthcare writing and social research, grants, academic writing and research, articles, and guest blog posts.