My Counseling Philosophy


As a Counselor, I believe:

  • Everyone has the capacity for growth and learning

  • The counseling environment must be safe, compassionate and non-judgmental

  • Problems may arise for people when they lack the necessary skills to cope effectively with painful emotions or difficult situations

  • Emotional pain can be just as difficult to bear as physical pain

  • A holistic approach to mental health is the best strategy—the mind, body and spirit cannot be separated

  • People are much more than any mental health diagnosis or problem they may have

  • “One size fits all” or “cookie cutter” approaches to counseling are ineffective–each individual is unique and therapists must be able to utilize a wide variety of theories and interventions to best help each client.

  • Knowing and building upon strengths is crucial

  • Counseling does not need to be long-term to be effective and helpful

My approach is often based on the following types of counseling and philosophies.  Please click the links below for more information:

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