Some thoughts about medication

meds.jpgMedications can play an important role in the treatment of mental health symptoms and mental illness for some people. Sometimes, it is even necessary. Counseling is another powerful force for change in people’s lives.

Many psychiatrists require that their patients also be in counseling. I am not qualified to answer questions about medications or side effects, and I refer clients to talk with their family doctor or psychiatrist about medication concerns. It is helpful for me to know what medications a client is prescribed.

Often, when we are suffering with emotional pain, we want a quick fix. We want to feel better now! That makes sense, as no one likes to suffer. Emotional pain can be just as difficult to bear as physical pain.

Medication can alter the brain’s chemistry and improve mood and functioning.  We also know that counseling and therapy can also change the brain and help with many of life’s challenges. The way we think and respond to life’s challenges can actually impact chemicals in the brain and other parts of the body (e.g. heart and stomach.)

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