Business Consultation Services

Creating Healthy Workplaces



We offer consultation services to support businesses as they work to create and maintain a psychologically healthy workplace.

Our Business Consultation Services Include:

  • Management Consultation/ Training
  • Culture Assessment & Change Consultation
  • Employee Performance Consultation
  • Conflict Resolution Facilitation
  • On-Site trainings tailored to meet your specific needs
    • Professional Workplace Communication
    • Stress Management
    • Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
    • Growing through Change
    • Work-Life Balance
    • New Supervisor Training
    • Team-Building Seminars (the fun kind!)

We spend a great deal of our time at work, and stress, tension and dysfunction on the job can have negative consequences for businesses and their employees.

Dangers of Workplace Dysfunctionculturewordle_careers

  • Increased Workplace Conflict and Communication Problems
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Employee stress and burnout (or compassion fatigue in healthcare)
  • Reduced Productivity
  • Increased Absenteeism
  • Increased Turnover
  • Decreased Employee Engagement and Innovation
  • Decreased Profit
  • Negative Company Reputation

These challenges can be overcome, and we are here to help!

Contact us for information about how we can design a custom consultation program that will meet your business needs, at rates that are competitive and reasonable.

Lisa La Rose, LPC